Sunday Habits To Make Mondays Suck Less

Mondays suck. Let’s face it. One thing I have been trying to be mindful of lately is my Sunday routine. I actually prefer 'chill day' over Sunday Funday. God, how much more does Monday suck with a hangover!  Here are some helpful habits I use that may help your Monday suck less, and your week… Continue reading Sunday Habits To Make Mondays Suck Less


The Fly in the Elevator

     A fly got on the elevator with me.  As I pressed the number four and watched the doors close he was buzzing around feverishly like it was his full-time job -- I’m guessing it is his full-time job, but you just never know. It dawned on me, this fly is going to get… Continue reading The Fly in the Elevator

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The Latest and Greatest

Realness. So, for those of you that do not personally know me, which would be 99% of you (Hi Mom!), you would not know that I frequently struggle with making a fucking decision. It’s annoying. My sister-in-law likes to refer to it as Analysis Paralysis. Last year when I started this blog, I wanted to… Continue reading The Latest and Greatest