The Fly in the Elevator

     A fly got on the elevator with me.  As I pressed the number four and watched the doors close he was buzzing around feverishly like it was his full-time job — I’m guessing it is his full-time job, but you just never know.

It dawned on me, this fly is going to get off this elevator with no clue that he is four stories higher than when he entered.  He won’t know where he is, how he got there or exactly what in the fresh hell just happened. (Assuming flies have those type of thoughts, which I am certain they do.)

I think life has its own elevators. Relationships (good and bad ones), having a baby and launching a business are just a few of the adventures that can catapult us years ahead in life, only to wake up one day and think, ‘What in the fresh hell just happened? Where did the last five years go!?’  We embark on life’s adventures not knowing how or where we’ll end up, but eventually, you take a deep breath and look around and think,  ‘Time just flew past while I was raising babies or trying to make a bad relationship work or building that business….’  Hopefully, you have something to show for it after investing that time, but I suppose that’s never a guarantee, now is it?  

Time truly flies does just fly by.  Yes, it is an overused cliche but it’s TRUE, so….


Choose your elevator wisely. 


After much contemplation over that fly in the elevator and several bottles glasses of wine, the realization hit me that, in my past, I had ended up on a few of the wrong elevators… like several, many, a ton every single bad elevator around and how very grateful I am to not be that girl anymore. The acute awareness came to me that when an opportunity comes along, you must weigh that opportunity against your most precious resource, time.

When PBJ shared her vision with me about this partnership, my thoughts were swirling with the ninety other things I have going on right now but I couldn’t squelch that tummy-fluttering enthusiasm coursing through my veins.

I immediately knew. I’m getting on this elevator.   


So here we are, PBJ and Cabernet hoping to share with you real life, real tips, real fashion, fitness and fun to make your life a little sweeter.  Oh, and wine, there will be lots of wine. 

Here’s to this next great adventure, and waking up in 5 years, wiser, funnier (hardly possible) and filthy stinkin’ rich. (Totally kidding…kinda’.)

Is there an elevator you’re struggling with? Perhaps right now you’re deciding whether to jump on a new elevator or ride the one you’re on all the way to the top. My advice is this, take the adventure knowingly. We’re not like the fly in the elevator, we get to choose so choose what you can look back on and say, ‘Hey, it took three years of my life, but it was worth it!’  I KNOW that partnering with PBJ will be a fantastic adventure that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

She’s the clink to my cheers and the sparkle to my rosé and I’m excited to share this adventure with you all!



P.s. Make sure you come see our shenanigans on Insta too! @pbjandcabernet   You won’t believe all the bad decisions great advice you’ll be privy to on our Instastories. See you soon!



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