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Statement earrings

I discovered this brand of earrings a little over a year ago and needless to say I fell in love! I am a firm believer that an outfit can be made by accessories alone. You can jazz a white t-shirt and jeans up with the right jewelry!

I love statement earrings.

Big necklaces tend to annoy me by the middle of the day so I prefer big earrings. The problem with most is the weight. Well, look no further than Nickel & Suede! They are made of leather so literally weigh nothing! Most of the earrings come in three sizes: small, medium or large. I gravitate towards the medium. I think they are the perfect in between of being not to big but definitely seen.

I have actually tried some different brands that are the same concept BUT they do not maintain their shape and tend to be wet noodle floppy. Ugh. My Nickel & Suede earrings are all still as good as the day I took them out of the box!

If you are looking for a great earring for day and night then you have got to try these out!

If you know of other lighweight statement earring that you love please comment!! I am always on the lookout for great accessories that don’t break the bank!! Thanks for reading!!IMG_20160512_195843



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